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Me with 'The Bat Flip'


I was born and raised in Parry Sound, Ontario (a small town on the shores of Georgian Bay, about three hours north of Toronto). I studied Graphic Communications Management at Ryerson University (B.Tech) and now live in the Greater Toronto Area.


I grew up in a creative and entrepreneurial family that strongly influenced and helped shape my artistic style. My father is a skilled carpenter and woodworker and my mother is a commission artist, specializing in acrylic realism. As a child, I would watch my mother for hours as she painted at our family's kitchen table, captivated by how she knew what colours to mix together, where to place each brushstroke, and how scenes seemed to magically come together. This was all I needed to try my hand at painting. I was hooked!


In terms of my artistic style, realism has always been my go-to. Over the years, however, I've tweaked my style to be less traditional and more modern. Colours in my paintings do not transition gradually; each ends abruptly, much like the behaviour of pixels in digital images. When viewed as a whole, this creates the illusion of smooth gradations. I love this marriage of digital and traditional.


My subject matter varies greatly - from celebrity portraits inspired by famous photographs ("faces"), to images in nature close to my heart ("places").

I exhibit my work at shows across Ontario.



I welcome commissions of any subject matter.

Painting away

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